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Any User Functionalities

View lectures

Any user has access to all the listing of lectures in the 4 areas as well as their full content without any restrictions. A user may view lectures according to the Newest, or the Top Rated, or the Most Viewed.


Search facility is available to ALL users in 3 forms:

  • Search within a lecture, where you may enter certain keywords in the search field in the lecture viewer. The slides having the occurrences of the searched words are retrieved and the searched term is highlighted within the slides of the lecture as well as their notes (if available).
  • Simple Search, where you may type certain keywords in the search field on the top right corner of the webpage. The system retrieves all the lectures in all the four fields that contain the searched words, where the searched term is highlighted within the slides of the retrieved lectures as well as their notes (if available).
  • Advanced Search, where you may use one or more entry fields for more specific search. Entries may include Category, Title, Content, Author, Language, Rate and Date. The searched keywords are highlighted throughout the retrieved lectures.

Registered User Functionalities

Personal Space

  • My Profile
    If you are a registered user, this entitles you to have an updatable profile in which he/she may choose his favorite categories that are recorded in the system and according to which you will receive a notification via e-mail of the most recently added lectures.
  • My Favorites
    A shortcut to your favorite categories of lectures.
  • My Library
    Where you may keep all the lectures of your choice for future reference. You have the liberty to add or remove lectures according to your preference.
  • My Bookmarks
    Here is where you may review the slides you bookmarked on specific lectures. You have the liberty to keep or remove any bookmark according to your preference.
  • My Baskets
    A list of the baskets you have created to compile your slides of choice throughout lectures. You may re-order the slides, save the order, remove any of them or save them as PowerPoint presentation, thus "My Baskets" helps you to make up your own presentation.
  • Ingestor request
    This is an application that you have to fill out in order to become an Ingestor, i.e.: to become able to upload new lectures, translated versions or other parts of lectures into the system. The Ingestor request is reviewed and is either accepted or rejected, hence you may/may not become an Ingestor, yet this does not cancel your other priveleges.
  • My uploaded lectures
    This is a listing of all the lectures that you have uploaded.

Submit comments

You may submit comments on any lecture, where your comment will be added instantly on the system flagged as "Not Reviewed". A Moderator will review your comment and then the flag will change to "Reviewed". If the comment you submitted contains any content that might be deemed offensive, disturbing, racist or expressing religious/political views as ineligible material that is consequently removed permanently from the system.

Submit negative reports

You may submit a negative report on a certain lecture, where you have to specify the reason whether the lecture contains Excessive Violent Content, Attacks Individual or Group, Advertisement or Spam, Technical, Religious or Political Views or Other. You may also add details to your report. Negative reports are reviewed by a Moderator who accordingly may/may not remove the lecture from the system.

Rate lectures

You may rate any lecture in the system in terms of Content, Presentation, Relevance, Expectations, Graphics and the Overall Rate. Your rating allow for the automatic display of lecture according to the ratings done.

Leave a feedback

You may leave a feedback that will be reviewed and we will reply back to your inquiries.