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This lecture was created by Lt. Harry DeBenedet of the Yale Police Department, Rob Klein and Ben Fontes of the Yale Office of Environmental Health & Safety. It is generic enough to provide a broad overview for students, that can be augmented with site specific and updated information by the host institution. There is a supplemental powerpoint lecture entitled Select Agent Biosecurity that can also be provided during this lecture. It is included as a separate stand alone lecture. Lt. DeBenedet was the featured guest speaker for course students and course discussion ranged from the response to suspicious package events, an overview of the Unabomber attack at Yale, bomb threat response, and coordination with local and regional emergency response officials (City Fire Department and local FBI Officers). Recommended guest speakers are fellow members of the EH&S emergency response team with experience in the response to bioterrorism events, local Fire/Police officials responsible for hazardous materials response and training, and local FBI field officers focusing on response to terrorism events. The local hospital is likely to also have a person or team responsible for emergency response to terrorism and hazardous materials events. A panel made up of various representatives could be assembled for a question and answer session with the students following the presentation.

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