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Overview of Systems Engineering

The purpose of this presentation is to provide you with an overview and “road map” that you can use to guide yourself through the various system components required for a successful recirculating aquaculture system design. Pay attention to all the small individual components and note how they are interconnected and dependent upon each other, and keep in mind that the total is always more than the just the sum of the parts. Also remember that there are numerous solutions to each ‘unit operation’ and although there are more efficient and more cost effective solutions, there is no right or wrong technology. Some work better in large scale applications, some in small scale, but it usually is the case that all work to some extent. What you use it your choice, based on sound engineering analysis of the options available for your system design and in your region of the world. Always remember the KISS concept: Keep it Simple! More fish are lost to overly complicated and sophisticated designs, so if you can’t figure out what its doing, the fish probably can’t either.

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