Lead Awareness

TERMINAL OBJECTIVES (The purpose of this training): To inform state employees about the potentially hazardous nature of asbestos containing materials, their locations in the various campus buildings, what the state program is doing about asbestos, and the procedures to be followed in the event that an asbestos hazard is suspected. To train employees who work in areas or positions where the potential for asbestos exposure is increased, but whose activities do not require disturbing such materials, in hazard recognition and the proper procedures and reporting mechanisms to be followed in the event that a hazard is suspected, or when they encounter asbestos during their work. To meet training requirements of Maryland Executive Order 01.01.1907.22 of November 1987 (superseding that of April 1983 establishing the Maryland Asbestos Program and pertaining to the establishment of the Maryland Asbestos Oversight Committee, etc.).

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