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Gender: Female
Join Date: 9 years ago
Country: Egypt
Degree: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
Institution Name: Faculty of Science - Alexandria University
Total Contributions: 12,164 Contribution(s)
11,547 Metadata Reviewed
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My name is Omneya Osama Mohamed, I'm a fresh graduate of the Faculty of Science - Alexandria University. I'm a Biotechnology Major and my minor is Microbiology. I love volunteering work and I love the idea of SSC Club in particular, it is very useful and a lot of fun at the same time. I hope I could be of great help to the club and I will do the best I can to achieve that.
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Samar Allam 8 years ago
Yes I've just seen it now .... does you number decreased too ... i think I'm the only one.... did you contact any other about that
Samar Allam 8 years ago
Thanks Omneya for your notice
Samar Allam 8 years ago
i hope they can solve this problem Omneya. i can't imagine all hrs spent are gone vane . right!
Samar Allam 8 years ago
Hey Omneya .. did anyone contact you from ssc team?? how you contacted the team? i'm so upset that i want to contact someone resposible
Samar Allam 8 years ago
they said that there is duplication i.e. each time u add an entry and press " apply changes" it's counted .... that's why the nos weren't true... i believed it , bt when i reviewed again ... i found lectures i finished before and when searching it wasn't duplicated on the system .. anyway .... i don't forgive the ICT if they manipulated any lectures or