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Gender: Male
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Country: Egypt
Degree: Master’s degree level or equivalent
Institution Name: Faculty of Science - Alexandria University
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Muhammad Saad Home : +2 03 4484342 Mobile : +2 0127044505 & +2 0107528930 E-mail : muhammad.saad@alex-sci.edu.eg _____________________________________________________________ - Date of Birth : 26th of August, 1987 - Place of Birth: Qassim, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Teaching Assistant at the department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University from 2088 till now. - B.Sc. in Mathematics (special degree) from Alexandria University, in 2008. - M.Sc. in Pure Mathematics from Alexandria University in 2008. ______________________________________________________________ - Vice-president of The union of Demonstrators and Teaching Assistant in my faculty. - Member of The Egyptian Mathematical Society. - Member of Egyptian Syndicate of Scientific Professions - Member of Fractional Calculus Group _______________________________________________________________ Courses: NLP - TOEFL - E-Learning - ICDL - Quality Standers in the Educational Process - Manging Time and Meetings - Technology in Teaching - Organizing Scientific Conferences - International Publishing of Research _______________________________________________________________
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"Science Super Courses" is a national work of the first class. This work serves the student and teacher, and makes a new concept of online education education. Moreover, it is a real step for the advertisement of academic education in Egypt and all whole world. Therefore, I call upon all students, researchers, teachers and professors to share and participate in the completion of this great work.
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