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Gender: Female
Join Date: 9 years ago
Country: Egypt
Degree: Doctoral degree level or equivalent
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Omneya Osama 8 years ago
Did you notice that the total number of contributions decreased, I think you were about 6000 and now you are only 3343!!1
Omneya Osama 8 years ago
My number decreased too and I've contacted Yousra, Cherouk and the SSC team itself, they said they will reply on sunday! And you are welcome :)
Omneya Osama 8 years ago
Yes me too, it is so unfair I don't know what happened!! I hope so isA
Omneya Osama 8 years ago
I wrote on the event a post, I've also sent an e-mail to Ms. Yousra and Ms. Cherouk. Nobody replied until now!
Omneya Osama 8 years ago
Yeah I see now, thanks :)
Omneya Osama 8 years ago
But yeah, manipulation will be refused of course, but I trust them and I don't think they would do anything like that isA :)